Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm baaack

For just a brief post. For some reason my life seems hectic ... a state of being brought about by a major major computer crash two weeks ago. Two things never happen to me: I've never lost anything in snail mail (either coming or going); and my computers never crash. Well, the cyberfairies must have wanted to bring me down a notch or two, because while debating whether to open a particular email, the whole silly thing went black on me ... never to return. Off to the computer ER for a data dump; ship the machine to authorized service center, and borrow a computer for interim use. I've not wanted to abuse the kindness of my host (my daughter) by spending too much time on her machine, hence no blog entry for several several days.

And not much of a post today: the diva daughter has her big recital (four costume changes!!) and a houseful of aunts, uncles, cousins ... after they all leave tomorrow, we need to organize our contribution to fourth grade picnic in the park on Monday and finish the last last last homework assignment.

My own computer should return from intensive care soon; who knows how long rehab and recovery will take? But I should be swinging into a real knitting and blogging routine by the middle of the summer.

I hope to see y'all soon; I will be posting a few more pics of FOs and discussing my own knitting projects and plans. In the meantime, I'm still cedarstrings on Ravelry; I occasionally post on a few Yahoo groups.

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