Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everything's coming up (not roses)

Tawashi Blossoms ... delightful pattern from Rhonda White at Awesome little bit of no-brainer knitting to fill those minutes waiting in the car, at dance class, at swim class, etc. and use up those annoying bits of leftover acrylics. Thanks, Rhonda!

And ... I finally found a use for all of those tiny skeins of nylon used by plastic canvas crafters ... exactly three skeins (10 yards each) on size 9 US needles creates a delightfully scrubby scrubbie! At three skeins for a dollar at the local Dollarville, I can afford to craft all summer long. As those nieces and nephews head back to the college apartments, I can fill some gift baskets with useful stuff, for a change!

Just in case nothing in my garden blooms this summer, I can at least have a kitchen full of flowers!