Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dots Within Stripes

Another FO to add to the blog and Ravelry: Dots within Stripes, a Monthly Dishcloth Group (Yahoo) Knit A Long (KAL). Slip stitch pattern in two colors, I have made a great cloth that will work nicely in the kitchen or in the bath. Size 7 needles with worsted weight cotton, cast on 40 stitches, produces a generous size cloth that scrubs without scratching on your casseroles and other precious items. This cloth would also make a great spa cloth (exfoliate those elbows and knees after a long winter); or baby gift, because it is truly soft enough for baby's toes and noses.

Once again, I've bitten off more than I can chew

I've been a sahm since 1995; I still can't get used to the idea that weekends are no longer leisure time, or hobby time, or time for mom to pursue her own activities. I plunged into the world of blogging on Friday night, with two fourth grade girls happily engaged in the world of Webkins ... of course, that lasted less than an hour. Saturday morning dawned with a 9-year-old nose to toes in a bright red rash. Three hours of phone calls to pediatrician's service, consultation with Grandma (who proclaimed German measles and quarantine); finding other child's mom to come and pick her up so I could take my own child to doctor ... telephone consult with weekend doctor ...

Because child feels fine, has no real discomfort from the rash ... we are doing nothing for it, except watching.

But the adrenalin rush, the disruption of our plans for a long play day, Grandma's ominous pronouncements ... the planned projects for a knitting day went out the window.

I have to come to grips with the reality that the blog development will be a longer process than I had wanted it to be. Our crazy season is upon us: record-breaking snowfall over the past winter is responsible for many cancellations of events that have been rescheduled for the last month of school. Dancing school recital at the end of May means extra dance rehearsals, photo shoots, etc. The yard work to be done this spring is horrendous due to my own neglect last fall. So, my many future fans and faithful readers will just have to wait a little longer for a blog that might actually be worth reading.