Thursday, June 19, 2008

The first FO of my new knitting incarnation

When I resumed knitting late last year (after a 24 year layoff), my assignment was to make an afghan for my mom's new couch. Well, after at least ten different swatches, I still didn't come up with the right color/texture/whatever that would have been exactly right. So I took the pile of several yarns, found this wonderful pattern for at The Big Snuggly, and sat down to knit it for myself. For some reason, when I showed the FO to my mother, she thought it was hers, so it has been in her living room ever since. In fact, I couldn't even get it away from her to take a photo for my scrapbook.

But mom's on vacation, now, so I snuck in to her apartment to take these photos:

I used three yarns: Lion Brand Homespun (Shaker); Caron Simply Soft (Toast) and Caron One Pound (Bone) ... The Homespun and Simply Soft are very lofty; the Caron One Pound adds body to the fabric so the Snuggly stays put while walking from the recliner to the kitchen.

Done all in garter stitch, this is a great project for TV Knitting; the simple short-row shaping is a no brainer that creates an attractive and useful shaping.

I highly recommend this project: a great throw for each member of the family as we face escalating home heating costs next winter.