Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knitmeter ...

I really really like to count how many miles of yarn I have used; I wish it would add a feature that would allow me to count the six ends of yarn I had to weave in for each of eight mug rugs; or maybe a time tracker that would show that it took me more than two hours to get a decent cable cast-on and joined first round of a particular hat. That is, for some reason a particular yarn and a particular circular needle conspired to drain my brain of all remnants of knitting mojo, after two hours I had completed only three rounds of k1p1 ribbing. Surely, I deserve some credit for sticking with it to the bitter end (the rest of the hat only took two or three hours: go figure).

So although I track my knitting yardage fairly regularly, there is no way to show the rest of the world how much time it took (of course, considering some of my simple projects that become overly-complex in my hands, that is probably a good thing.