Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dishcloth KALs -- Thanks!

For the first time since I discovered KAL (KnitALong) groups on Yahoo, I was actually able to start the KALs on the day they debuted. First up is Shirley's Knitting Knook (the Knook Knanny is in another time zone, so I am assured of a fresh day's assignment when I get up around 5:00 am); I've completed day 3 of a mystery cloth using size 6 US needles and Sugar 'n Creme worsted weight cotton in softly taupe. The second cloth is from Monthly Dishcloth group, with a May 1 cast-on; size 7 US needles and Honeysuckle worsted weight cotton in shrimp. Both of these are mystery picture cloths, a concept that is still new to me. Fun to knit, fun to block and torture into a clear picture, these projects produce a cloth that is nice in the kitchen sink (enough texture to obtain scrubbiness without tell-tale scratches on the glassware) and very nice in the bathroom. Truly soft enough for the baby's face, with enough texture to lightly exfoliate those elbows and heels.

Mostly I lurk on the groups, having been away from knitting for so long that I feel like I'm learning something new again. But I enjoy hanging out and listening to the other knitters discuss the pattern, ask questions about the technique for the current month's cloth, and sharing expertise about materials, patterns, and knitting in general.

I probably haven't said so on the many groups I'm hanging out in, so I'll use the blog to say "thanks for allowing me to hang out with y'all. I really enjoy the atmosphere, and I hope to contribute something helpful some day soon.

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