Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twist & Knit [T&K-001]

This is not an advertisement for MimKnits; her knitting sensibility is amazing and her patterns speak for themselves. However, her latest endeavor is a revolution and a revelation in craft books in general.

How many times have you wanted to use a pattern from a beautiful book, then struggled to make a working photocopy without damaging the binding to flatten the pages onto the copier? If you choose to work directly from the book, you have to use another piece of paper for making pattern notes, carry a heavy book in your knitting bag, and then (horrors), you absent-mindedly set your coffee cup smack dab in the middle of the open book? For an extra $2.00, Twist & Knit offers a digital option and will store most of the patterns as PDFs in your Ravelry library. Finally, you can knit from a beautiful book, and the book will remain a beautiful addition to your library.

Twist & Knit [T&K-001] - $20.00 : MimKnits Online Shop, Unique Designs for the Handknitter

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