Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soda Can Sox -- It's almost a pattern

I wanted to make can cozies using a particular yarn that I adore: Peaches & Creme worsted weight cotton in the Pink Lemonade colorway. To match the cocktail cozies I remember from the 1950s, the new cozy has to fit snugly on the can and absorb condensation from an ice-cold beverage; it also has to protect the coffee table from wet rings, and has to move from place to place as folks mingle. I had several false starts with the "soda can sox" using patterns created by others; nothing was working with the yarn that I insisted upon using. Finally, I discarded the patterns and worked out the following:

One 70 yd skein of dishcloth cotton will make two; use knitting worsted weight cotton yarn such as Peaches & Crème, Sugar and Cream, Bernat Handicrafter, Lion Brand Cotton, etc.

  • Size 3 double point needles

  • Size 6 double point needles

  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends

NOTE: I did try to work this with a circular needle using the magic loop method ... the extra needle length was a bother with a project of this size. But if you are one of those clever folks who can do two socks on circular needles, this project would work just as well as socks (or mittens).

With size 3 needles cast on 36 stitches and join to knit in round.

Knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 1”

Change to size US 6 needles and knit in stockinette (knit each round) until total length from cast on is 3”.

Purl one round to form a ridge.

Decrease round 1: *Knit 4 stitches, k2tog* repeat to end of round – 30 stitches
Round 2: Knit around
Round 3: *Knit 3 stitches, k2tog* repeat to end of round – 24 stitches
Round 4: Knit
Round 5: *Knit 2 stitches, k2tog* to end of round – 18 stitches
Round 6: *Knit 1 stitch, k2tog* to end of round – 12 stitches
Round 7: Knit 2 together around – 6 stitches.

Leaving about a 4” tail, cut yarn, thread through loops and draw up to close circle. Weave in ends. Damp block over full or empty soda can.

Optional: work in stripes to reflect your favorite school colors or colors of your favorite canned beverage.

Use duplicate stitch to create initials to personalize each cozy

Use solid colors then brighten up with simple embroidery to complement dinnerware or favorite placemats.

Most importantly, have fun!


saguaro said...

Thank you! we don't drink sodas out of cans, but my son enjoys a can of beer pretty regular. LOL He has rings on all the wood in the house. Those soggy cans seem to avoid the coasters that are everywhere, but now I have a chance.


cedarstrings said...

very useful for beer cans as well. I'm already scheming to adapt this pattern for my double old-fashioned cocktail glasses and my iced-tea tumblers, as those are the vessels we use most often.

Anonymous said...

I'm adjusting this just a bit by making it longer and adding a shoulder strap so I can carry my water bottle or my coke bottle. Thanks...

ashley said...

did you use 5 double pointed needles or 4?

cedarstrings said...

I think I used four dpn's; I usually bring out the fifth needle when there are more stitches per round, but a set of four needles is adequate for this item.