Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who knew summer could be this busy?

I only have time for a brief brief entry ... I've been busy without much time for knitting, but I want to take a minute to share the results of my most recent KIP's: "Scrubbing Bubbles". The original "Bubbles" was created by Susan Mrenna at http://knitalittlestore.blogspot.com/2008/03/bubbles.html; a great little pattern that just cries out for individualization. Substituting nylon yarn meant for plastic canvas embroidery, I have been knitting fish as fast as I can cast on.

These little guys are wonderful for KIP (knitting in public): the fascinated onlookers can actually see the fish take shape as I work; the project doesn't require undivided attention so I can actually carry on a conversation AND knit; every now and then someone will say, "I used to knit, I'll bet I could do a project like that" ... if I've re-captured any former knitters with the fishes, they have served their purpose.


sailorcross said...

I just love these little fish!! They are so adorable, and I've never seen them before. They would make good washcloths for little ones in the bath, too!!

Hmmmm.....thinking Christmas gifts for little ones now out these!!

Thanks for the great idea!!

I found you over at Aunt Kathy's Place, and I thought I would stop by and take a look around, and i'm glad I did!


cedarstrings said...

These particular fish are scrubbies -- they work great on casserole dishes, non-stick bakeware and cookware, even the stove top and other surfaces that you don't want to scratch. I used Needloft nylon yarn meant for plastic canvas needlework; there are some on my Ravelry page (cedarstrings) made with the Needloft yarn and Peaches & Creme cotton worsted, that also scrub quite well. Using just the worsted weight cotton, they can be a nice dishcloth; I have also started a set of four using Peaches & Creme double worsted (size 9 needles) for mug rugs for my friends' new fishing cabin!

They are tons of fun, go really fast, and if they are in your portable knitting bag, you'll find yourself giving them away as fast as you finish!